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About me

I'm a therapist in private practice located in West LA. I’ve been in practice for over 10 years and offer individual therapy for adults and adolescents. I specialize in the treatment of complex trauma, including Borderline Personality Disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Phone coaching

I offer free phone coaching to all my clients. This means that if you need support in between therapy sessions, you can call or text me to check in, and I will call or text you back and offer personalized support to help you get through whatever difficulty you are facing. My clients find this service to be invaluable and often cite phone coaching as a major contributing factor to their ability to achieve wellness.

DBT, EMDR, and Brainspotting

I am trained in the following types of therapy that support my work: EMDR, DBT, and Brainspotting. To learn more about what these modalities are and how they may be relevant to you, visit my services page. 

Paying for therapy

I do not accept insurance directly. However, if you have a PPO, you may be eligible for being reimbursed for the cost of therapy from your health insurance company. I also do reserve a percentage of my openings for clients who qualify for a sliding scale rate.

How can therapy help?

If you’re visiting this page there’s a chance you’re looking to make some changes. Most people find that they’re able to make changes more quickly and easily when they enlist the help of a trusted professional. I have over 10 years of in-depth training and experience in helping people from all walks of life recover from traumatic events, improve their lives, and pursue their dreams. My goal is to support my clients as they move toward leading more fulfilling, happy, and healthy lives.

Interested in learning more? Call now for a free 30-minute phone consultation to find out if I’m the right therapist to help you reach your goals. I look forward to hearing from you!

I am fluent in Spanish and offer services in both Spanish and English.

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